Who we are

About Us

The Eastern Africa Academy of Childhood Disability (EAACD) is an association that was formed in 2015. It is composed of professionals and persons with lived experiences with interest in supporting and improving the quality of life for children with disabilities as well as their family members.

The members are drawn from the following countries: Kenya, Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

EAACD is a member of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disabilities (IAACD) and a member of the World Rehabilitation Alliance under the World Health Organization.

Our Objectives

Our objectives as an association are:

Promote and support the medical and scientific aspects of research into the care and treatment of childhood disabilities
Education sessions
Teaching and exchange of information bearing on all aspects of childhood disability
Foster cooperation and collaboration between those working in the field of childhood disabilities in Eastern Africa
Inspire communities in Eastern Africa to support and champion for children with disabilities
Fund raising
To support advocacy activities
Our membership consists of persons, organizations, who/which at the time of application have a clinical or scientific interest in the problems and treatment of childhood disability. To join and learn on the benefits of membership write an email to info@eaacdafrica.org
EAACD has a robust leadership team of experts and Dr. Susan Wamithi is the Chairperson. Executive Committee Members  Dr. Susan Wamithi: Chairperson  Dr. Katherine Oyieke: Vice-Chairperson  Eva Naputuni: Secretary  Perpetua Omondi: Treasurer  Andrew Khasiani: Membership Coordinator  Dr. Sylvia Mochabo Akinsiku: Parent Representative  Safiya Ebrahim-Manjothi: Parent Representative.
Dr. Susan Wamithi


Dr. Katherine Oyieke

Vice Chair

Eva Naputuni


Dr. Selamenesh Tsige

Promotion Chair

Perpetua Omondi


Dr Sylvia Mochabo

Parent Rep

Andrew Khasiani

Members Chair

Safiya Ebrahim

Parent Rep.